OT OuTdoors
Pediatric Occupational Therapy &
Physical Therapy Services

"...because life doesn't happen in a clinic"

OT (858) 945-3243 / PT (858) 442-1865


OT OuTdoors relies heavily on a staff of weekly volunteers. Volunteers make the program possible by leading horses during lessons, side walking with clients to ensure safety, grooming and tacking horses, and maintaining and improving the facility.

Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to volunteer. Many of the OT OuTdoors volunteers are teenagers fulfilling community service requirements for school, pre- OT or PT students fulfilling application requirement hours, retired people who want to give back to their community, and animal lovers who just want to be near the horses. If you would like to become an OT OuTdoors volunteer, download our volunteer packet. Fill it out and let us know when you are available!  Volunteer orientation sessions are held on a regular basis.

You can volunteer for one or more shifts, but we appreciate it if you can commit to coming at the same time every week. Please understand that we need our volunteers to be DEPENDABLE and PUNCTUAL! We depend on you to arrive on the days you have been scheduled.

Are you a Life Scout and interested in doing your Eagle Project here at at OT OuTdoors? Please contact Carrie at   .